Thursday, 19 February 2009

Vintage Anchor Flox pink embroidery thread

In the 'Attic find' there are loads of vintage embroidery threads. Many of them are large bundles of the above in numerous colours - 'Anchor Flox embroidery'. I spent at least an hour this afternoon trying to find out about this embroidery thread but came up with nothing. I visited a site by Alex Askaroff called 'A history of sewing threads' which is a very interesting site telling you all about the history of machine sewing threads and well worth a visit, but unfortunately it didn't mention the 'Anchor' embroidery threads.
If anyone has any information I would be very grateful to hear it, as I am very intrigued as to the word 'Flox' .I'm beginning to think that perhaps it isn't English and the 'flox' stands for floss.
I will be listing some of these wonderful embroidery threads on the 'Rag Rescue' site next week.


UrbanFrog said...

OK, you have waited 4 (almost 5) years for the answer, so here it is: Flox is flax. i.e. it is a (now vintage) linen thread.

UrbanFrog said...

Sorry, I should have been more clear - it was ORIGINALLY a linen thread. Much of the later stuff is actually cotton, but is spun and plied the same way as the original linen thread.