Sunday, 15 February 2009

I'm bigger than you.

My son Daniel in Guildford last week. He couldn't get to the hospital to treat his patients as the snow came over his knees. Soooo!! he build a very tall snowman instead. Looks as if he had a wonderful time. I don't think it he has ever seen as much snow in England in the whole of his 30 years.

Apart from taking orders for Rag Rescue I have had a day off today. I decided to do some felting on my embellisher. I was just getting in to it and a needle broke. I bought the embellisher in August and this is the first needle I've broken. I was so cross with myself especially as I can't get the needle out. I'm going to have to ring the company up tomorrow to try and sort it out. So I ended up ringing my friends and family which is always good to do and was a distraction from my felting disappointment.

Tomorrow is book keeping day, I'm hoping to get all of my buyers invoices on the site up to date. I can't wait until my ex-husband returns from Libya to get the site sorted, then everything will be automatic and it will save me so much time.

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