Sunday, 30 December 2007

Rag rescue prepares for the New Year.

I've had the most wonderful deserved rest over the past two weeks. After standing for seven days in cold marques at the Swinderby International Antiques Fair and braving the wind and rain at the Stafford Bingley Hall fair, my husband and I were exhausted and ready to drop. However, this year we had our London trip to look forward to. We spent four wonderful days with our son and partner in Guildford who then treated us to the most delicious meal in London's Chinatown before we moved on to see the musical Spamalot. After returning home we only had one day rest before our long standing friend arrived from Malaysia on a quick two and a half days visit.

Christmas came and went in spectacular style, our best ever, with Daniel and Emma making the trip from Guildford which had taken us only 5 hours but on the Sunday before Christmas took them a gruelling 7 hours. Still they soon recovered and the merriment started the following day. I've never seen so many presents under the tree since the children were small. Mum enjoyed it too, seeing us all so happy and enjoying ourselves.
We only have New Year to go through now and the celebrations will come to a close. Boo Hoo! We have decided to spend it on our own this year, the first time ever and I'm actually looking forward to it.

So it's back to business. I've already started preparing more scrap bags for
They were so very popular from dealers across the globe that I thought I ought to stock up again. I hope to be listing them sometime this week and will notify those regular customers as to the exact date when I am a little closer to getting myself back into full gear again. I will also be listing some items on my other website
If you wish to be notified of any future listing then please contact me.


Monday, 10 December 2007

A big thank you

I would like to say a huge thank you for all my English and Japanese customers that bought my Rag Rescue items at the Swinderby and Stafford antique fairs. If you look at the Rag Rescue website, you will see that nearly all of the scrap bags sold and many of the lace items.

I am having a rest now as 7 days of fairs is very tiring especially when the weather is terrible, storms , winds and very heavy rain every day. I hope you have all dried out now and are sitting in the warm once again.

I will be listing again at the beginning of January so that you can order from the comfort of your own homes or offices.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy and friutful New Year.

See you all in January and thank you once again for all of your orders.

Sunday, 2 December 2007

Christmas cards from scrapbags.

I wanted to make some Christmas cards for those close to me. This card is for my dear mother. She has not been well for a number of years first with cancer and then a host of other things adn lately with her hand which was operated on and is not recovering very well. She soldiers on so bravely. I know she loves the things I make so Mum this card is coming your way.

This card is for my mother-in-law. She is in her mid 80's and almost blind, so I wanted to make something tactile. The lace flaps open and the card is covered in antique beads, so hopefully she will get sme joy from it.

The one above is for my dear friend Clare. She has been such a support for me over the past three weeks when I was having family problems. I just don't know what I would have done without her.

All these cards have been made from the scrapbags I sell with additions of vintage and antique trims.

Please see the variety I have on my website
or join me at the Swinderby Antiques fair on Tuesday or at the Stafford fair next Friday, Saturday and see a good selection.

Saturday, 24 November 2007

Snowflakes are falling on my head.

Hanging snowflakes on the tree or in the windows makes Christmas feel really wintery even if the sun is shining.
These crochet motifs have been stiffly starched and only need a looped thread adding to them. At just £1.00 each they are a bargain and something you won't find in the shops just unique. They have been going fast and I only have 8 left, so visit my website and order NOW at

in the Vintage embellishments/lace section.

Off to the fairs

The time has around again when we must pick up all of our stock and head for the fairs.
In just over a week we will be filling the van to the roof and travelling over the Pennines to the wonderfu fair at Swinderby, Lincolnshire. This Antiques fair is huge and grows bigger each year. Buyers arrive from all four corners of the globe to ship out the superb antiques and collectables that are on display. The Christmas Swinderby Fair is open on 4th and 5th December. You will need stout shoes for walking, warm clothes and waterproofs just in case. The best day to visit is the Tuesday which is trade day but anyone is welcome. Many of the outside pitches leave after this day so if you want to view everything then Tuesday is recommended.
There are huge marquees, which is great for this time of year, food stalls, disabled facilities with mobility scooters for hire and International lounges.
It is free entrance on Wednesday.
On the Wednesday after we have packed everything up we normally move down the road to the Newark International Antiques fair but this time we are off to Stafford Bingley Hall Antiques Fair until the Sunday evening. This is a much smaller affair n comparison to Swinderby but warm, friendly and just as much fun. It is all inside in a huge building.
We will not only be taking our antique stock but also the vintage fabrics, textiles, trims and haberdashery you see on the
Rag Rescue website
plus much more which I haven't had time to put on the site.

Hope to see you there if you are in the UK at this time.
For more details on the Fairs see:-

Swinderby International Antiques fair
Bowmans Antiques Fair Stafford

Friday, 9 November 2007


I'd like to apologise to everyone who looked at my new website, for the poor photographic quality. I have spent the last few days re -doing them all and I hope you find them more attractive.
You can now safely look through the site at the attractive display of vintage fabrics, embellishments and trims and hopefully find something you like.

Rag Rescue for recycled fabrics and embellishments

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Keeping old textiles out of landfill

There is an estimated one million tonnes of textiles that goes into UK landfills each year. This is a dreadful situation, no wonder our planet is under stress.

To this end and because we are in the antique business, we have decided to save some of the antique and vintage textiles from near death and offer them to crafters, artisans, quilters, embellishers, fiber artists and designers for re-use.

This blog will help you to understand what we do and how our items can be re-used in projects. I hope it will become a showcase for your work and encourage others to use recycled textiles in their designs for the future.