Sunday, 29 September 2013

Rag Rescue has more wonderful vintage fabrics for sale today.

My laptop has been at the menders all week, so today it is catch up with everything. I hate it when the computer goes down, I feel as if my right hand has been cut off. Still I did manage to get quite a lot of felting done which was very relaxing.

Here are the vintage fabrics that have just listed on the website this morning.

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Unfinished, antique patchwork quilt at the Rag Rescue website today

A superb old unfinished patchwork quilt, a couple of embroidery samples and a lovely vintage velvet hankie holder are the items being listed on the Rag Rescue website today.

Vintage fabric scrapbags at Rag Rescue website

A selection of four beautiful medium weight cotton French vintage fabric floral prints. These fabrics are beautifully shabby chic a slight fading which only time brings.

Each piece in these larger scrap bags measures approx. 18cms x 12 cms. There are four different designs

These vintage fabric scrap bags are ideal for crazy quilting, applique work, card making, fabric postcards, ATC's, for use with the embellisher machine and all kinds of fiber art.

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Wonderful antique embroidered whitework collars and mongrams at Rag Rescue

I recently bought a lot of white work which was acquired from 'The Hermitage' Country House in Northumberland. This house had been untouched for at least a century in fact it was a time capsule. The Morant family had thrown very little away and items were stored very well in attics etc.

Today I am listing a few of the whitework embroidered pieces from the above collection. Others are from a different collection.

Friday, 20 September 2013

Vintage fabrics for small Christmas projects.

Just added these lovely small pieces of French fabric to the rag Rescue website. They are great for those small Christmas projects.

Here are a few ideas for Christmas projects.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Antique lace from the Country house that time forgot.

I thought you might like to see the wonderful antique lace that is going onto the Rag Rescue website in less than an hours time.
I recently bought a lot of lace which was acquired from 'The Hermitage' Country House in Northumberland. This house had been untouched for at least a century in fact it was a time capsule. The Morant family had thrown very little away.
If you love antique lace, you will love these items.

Sunday, 15 September 2013

French vintage fabrics, unbeatable.

Lovely vintage fabrics have been listed onto the Rag Rescue website today.  

 Superb French vintage toile fabric.
 Now how about this for something quirky, different and very vintage. The French have a sense of humour.

 I just adore this old French fabric with the floral bunches and beautiful birds.
 Last but not least some lovely silky paisley vintage fabric from France but I think it is English

Friday, 13 September 2013

Christmas fabric and embellishments craft packs at Rag Rescue today.

On a more cheerful note.......

Today I have placed some Christmas fabric and embellishments craft packs onto the website.
Four of the packs contain - Eight pieces of vintage fabric, 2 metres of velvet ribbon a pack of sequins, six buttons and French 1950's unused gold lame.

Ideal for Christmas cards, presents, labels and small sewing projects. And at only £6.50 each pack you are bound to make a profit with your creations at the Christmas fairs.

 Four of the Christmas fabric and embellishments craft packs.

Environmental issues of growing cotton.


Cotton is one of the thirstiest crops in the world, taking about 2,720 litres of water to produce one cotton T-shirt, equivalent to what an average person might drink over three years. Consumption of cotton products represents 2.6% of the global water footprint of consumed goods and services. 80% of the total EU water footprint is located outside Europe in countries such as China, Pakistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan. In 2008, 2,890 billion litres of water was used in Pakistan to grow the cotton needed just to make products sold by the homestore Ikea – equivalent to the volume of drinking water consumed in Sweden over 176 years.
More than 70% of global cotton is produced using irrigation and 15-35% of all irrigation withdrawals are estimated to be unsustainable.
The environmental and social impacts of unsustainable cotton production are perhaps most clearly demonstrated by the demise of the Aral Sea in Central Asia. This inland sea has almost disappeared as a direct result of intense cotton production under the former Soviet Union and its decline is continuing today. Although this particular example is driven by a unique set of political and economic factors, the ever-growing demand for cotton globally could trigger future ecological crises, increased poverty, forced migration and violent conflict, both nationally and between nations.

To see the whole article go to

 The demise of the Aral Sea in Central Asia. Above the Aral sea in 1989
Below the Aral Sea in 2009.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Think seriously about recycling vintage fabrics.

I've been thinking about the word 'recycle' a lot lately with regard to textiles. So many old textiles are STILL being thrown away instead of being reused. People are still buying modern fabrics when there are plenty of antique and vintage fabric crying out to be recovered. So today I want you to think about how you could reprocess and remodel the wonderful array of vintage fabrics in your craft work. Here is an example of how a lampshade could be made with strips of vintage fabric. Why not send me photo's of your recreations so that we can encourage others to do the same.

Before you buy new fabric STOP and think

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Let's make cushions with French vintage fabrics

Why not make some cushions with vintage French fabrics.
This one was found at Lili Gingerbread's blog.

You can find a whole variety of vintage fabrics at the 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Using Rag Rescue's vintage fabric squares to make a quilt.

I couldn't resist adding more vintage fabric squares to the Rag Rescue website today. I've been selling quite a lot lately so thought I'd better start topping up.
 This is a wonderful quilt, shop bought but it does show what you can make for yourself with a variety of fabric squares.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

French vintage fabrics to brighten up your day.

Well the sun is shining here again in Morecambe even though the forecast was for a rainy weekend. So just in case you can't see the sun today, here are four more lovely french vintage fabrics to cheer you up. All are now listed on the website.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

Announcing the opening of OldVintageOddities shop on Etsy

Up at 5am again today as hubby has gone off to do a car boot. we are trying to clear out the rest of our antique stock to make space to sort out all of mum's items from her home. A nightmare.
I have opened an etsy shop selling small bits and pieces of collectables and will be gradually adding items each week.

My etsy shop is called OldVintageOddities and you can find it on the link below.

Today on my Rag Rescue website I have added some more French vintage fabrics with pretty small floral designs. Why not pop over and take a look.