Sunday, 31 January 2016

Pretty roses, vintage fabric

A very pretty cotton fabric absolutely covered with displays of pink and blue roses and rosebuds on a white background.
Sorry, these photo's are a little dark, it's been another dark cloudy wet day here in Morecambe.
The background is white and it is such a pretty fabric.
Measures 1.33m (52.4")x 36cms (14.2")

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Saturday, 30 January 2016

19th century antique French floral fabric indienne border fabric

Now available at 

 I just love this antique French indienne border fabric. The colours have very slightly muted over the years but still quite strong.
 This border fabric could easily be used in a project or for reference for a collector or designer.
 Measures - 59cms ( 23.2" )long x 11.5cms (4.5" )wide

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Friday, 29 January 2016

Pretty floral vintage fabric

What a bright colourful fabric this is and so pretty with the beautiful flowers.
 The fabric is curved on one side as I didn't want to cut it into a regular shape as vintage fabric is precious.
 It measures 65cms (25.6" ) long x 41cms (16.1") at the widest point.
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Thursday, 28 January 2016

Four more items placed on etsy today

Just added the above four items to my etsy shop today. you can find them at 

The left hand fabric is 19th century French.
Top right is an art silk fabric
Right middle is a French fabric strip, ideal for patchwork.
The bottom right is a vintage English fabric from an eiderdown. 
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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Vintage fabric with leaf design , 2.12metres- TS75

Listed in my etsy shop today
A great piece of vintage fabric for craft makers.
 2.12metres (83.5") x 27cms (10.6")
 Ideal for a whole variety of crafts.
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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Antique French fabric Toile de Jouy part pelmet - L'ART D'AIMER

Why not visit my shop at 
Sorry this it has now sold.
A beautiful fabric that was once part of a pelmet.. The fabric is Toile de Jouy with part of the 'L'Art D'aimer' design dated around c.1820. Gently faded as one would expect from this antique fabric but in good condition, please see all of the images. Soft madder red.
 Love the lion on top of the wall.
The measurements are approx. 30/31cms (11.8"/12.2") wide and 38/37cms (15"/14.6") long.
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Old quilt piece - hand sitched

Now available at 

A sample of an old quilted piece with a different fabric on each side, in very good condition. The fabrics are great designs. This piece is hand stitched.
Measures approx 58cms (18.9") wide and the central length is 47cms (18.5")
This is ideal for re-working into a new project or for reference.
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Sunday, 24 January 2016

Antique handmade bobbin lace collar

This lovely antique lace collar sold  within two minutes of placing it on etsy. It's not very often that happens.
More lace will be placed in my etsy shop this coming week. 

Sample of 19th century floral woven silk fabric

Now available at 

This is a wonderful sample of a 19th century woven silk fabric. The fabric is firm and if you look at the last photo you can see the reverse side showing the coloured threads that were woven into the floral design.
This piece is in good condition without any splits in the silk.
Ideal for framing, re crafting or for a collection.
It measures - 65cms (25.6") long and is 20/19cms (7.9"/7.5") long

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Antique Honiton lace and net Veil - L2

Now available at

I recently bought a lot of lace which was acquired from 'The Hermitage' Country House in Northumberland. This house had been untouched for at least a century in fact it was a time capsule. The Morant family had thrown very little away and items were stored very well in attics etc.

This is a lovely wedding veil that is edged with motifs of Honiton Lace.
The Veil has a ribbon threaded through the net at the top which gathers the veil.
In very good condition.
The width of the veil is 45.67" x 21.65" deep .......1.16mwide x 55cms deep.
The side motifs are 1cm across and the motifs at the base are 5cms deep.
Colour - light cream
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Rag Rescue has started trading again now on etsy

Now being sold at

I just love this fabric sample. It is cotton and in good condition. Slightly lighter than the photo's show and the pink is brighter.

A lovely example of fabric design in the late 1800's
Measures - 33cms (13" ) x 12cms (4.7")
 Ideal for framing, re-working or for a collection.
 #floralfabric #flowers #pinkflowers #pinkfloralfabric #1800sfloralfabric