Saturday, 28 February 2009

A day at the auction.

Just arrived back from the auction, I'm afraid there was nothing special I bought on the Rag Rescue front, although I bought some antique sewing tools and a lovely, well once lovely, Victorian quilt which due to its damage I should be able to get some pieces of lovely Victorian fabric from.
I just love this particular auction because the drive to it is so spectacular even though today the mountains were shrouded with low cloud. However it does mean a very early start and combining that with my late night last night celebrating my husbands birthday it has resulted in me being incapable of listing any items today ready for tomorrow. So my apologies.
I have been asked whether or not I have already listed all of the lace I bought on Wednesday especially the pink lace (see above). the answer to the question is a definite no, I still have loads to list and I will photograph and measure some more tomorrow with the aim of listing on Monday morning, I promise. I will put a preview of the lace on this blog tomorrow afternoon for you all to get a taster.
I'm going to sign off now and sit and relax by embroidering my felt picture I'm working on. Hubby is preparing the evening meal so I can have some 'me time'.

Lots and lots of vintage fabrics, haberdashery and embellishments on the website.
Click HERE to be whisked away to a cavern of recycled heaven.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Raggy,
Lace and PINK! makes a girl very happy.
Love Kristina XxX