Thursday, 26 February 2009

42 items being listed tomorrow including Antique lace

My apologises for not doing a preview of all 42 items being listed tomorrow morning. I am shattered as I've been photographing and listing since 7am and I think 12 hours around and on the computer is enough for me today.
Anyway, there is a good mix of antique lace, English and French large sized fabrics, haberdashery and embellishments for you to browse through.

Good Luck.


shabbilyeverafter said...

Let me at it Raggy!!!!!!
In the top corner it looks like a bundle pink this and everything on here listed?
Love Kristinma XxX

Raggy said...

Hi Kristina,

yes you are right it is a bundle of pink lace with roses on. the picture shows all of the lace I bought but I've only listed a few pieces today. I may list some on Sunday but really busy at the moment with family and auctions.

Glad you managed to buy some lace.

shabbilyeverafter said...

Hi Raggy,
I totally understand about being busy with family,never mind auctions,thank you for going to them and bringing back lovelies for us it is appreciated.
Please could you let us all know the day before you list so we can set the alarm clocks and get up early...mind you if the lace is pink i may not go to sleep ;)
Thank you Raggy,
love Kristina XxX