Saturday, 14 February 2009

Loft treasures

First of all I'd like to show you the four lovely 1930's lingerie fabrics I've listed today. They are Soo! silky. The Liberty fabric is original with a label and still has it's dressing in it but when washed will become very soft. Unfortunately the light was very bad when I did the photography yesterday and that combined with the inevitable difficulty of photographing silk shows them rather in a darker shade but they are beautifully pale pink.


I got called out yesterday to a neighbour who is helping an old man clear out his loft before he moves. His wife had been an ardent dressmaker and embroiderer. She had kept everything over the years including her own mothers sewing bits and her aunts.
The lady produce a huge bag and box full of the most wonderful old items, many Victorian. It took me back ten years when I used to visit an auction where the auctioneer used to get clearances from large houses in London. He used to get the contents of the lofts, cellars and drawers and I used to get fabulous Victorian sewing treasures. Nowadays they are hard to find as many of them have been thrown away as rubbish.

You can imagine my joy when I saw these old treasures. Luxuriant sewing silks, beads in original advertising packets, loads of buckles, buttons waxed mending yarns, and many more, too numerous to mention. I paid a very good price for these because they are so rare now. The lady was over the moon and so pleased to be able to tell the gentleman that his wife's items would be treasured once more by people who would appreciate them.

I had a wonderful evening sorting through them all, which is why I forgot to put up today's new listings. This morning I'm going to a charity sale so I won't be listing anything tomorrow. It will be a few days before I list anything else as I've been inundated with orders this week and I need to keep my paperwork up to date and get all of my customers online orders typed up,. plus preparing for my next loading on the site. I'll keep the Rag Rescue News going on this blog every day and will inform you all when my next 'new listings' are.

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Brigitte said...

Those are so lovely. I especially love scraps for linens.