Sunday, 8 February 2009


Freezing blizzards, snow covered marquees and hazardous roads made these February fairs the worst conditions we had seen in the 16 years of trading. However like most hardened dealers we managed to get there and tried not to moan as there wasn't any point in doing so. Our poor UK buyers found it very difficult to attend because even if they had managed to dig themselves out of their drives the main roads were blocked by lorries and overturned vehicles. Our overseas buyers managed a little better, not sure how they got there but they came in great numbers. Japanese, Americans and Italians braved the arctic like conditions to snap up the bargains. the UK pound being so low, obviously encouraged them to spend, spend, spend.

So now I'm back home in the warm, weary and streaming with a nasty cold but eager to start listing all of the wonderful new items I have rescued. I've put some lovely French fabrics into soak this morning and will spend this afternoon sorting out the lovely embellishments I bought.

I opened the RAG RESCUE WEBSITE last night and already have had orders from new customers. I will clear out all of the sold items hopefully today and start listing new items tomorrow starting with some lovely French and German scrapbags. I am aiming to work on a two week cycle for the next two months. I will list every day for a week followed by a listing rest week so I can get orders sorted and paperwork completed. As usual I will email all account customers at the beginning of the listing week with a sample photo of some of the new items for sale. If you wish to be added to my email list please let me know.

My new web manager is working away in Libya for a couple of weeks but on his return we hope to get all aspects of the site fully functional again. This means that at the moment I am still working manually so please bear with me if you see that your account invoices are not up to date.

If you are working towards entering the
don't forget that the closing date for entries is the
Tuesday the 10th February
Keep warm and enjoy the snow you may not see it in such quantities for another 18 years.

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