Friday, 31 July 2009


Next week the Rag Rescue shop will not only be virtual but be available in reality as we travel to the Arthur Swallow Antique and Home Show at Swinderby Lincolnshire and then Newark International Antique Fair in Nottinghamshire.

Armed with my laptop and my new 'Pay as you go' internet connection I will be able to keep the internet shop open whilst on the road.
This will be a new experience for me and no doubt will encounter some minor problems along the way mainly because I will be unable to be on-line all day.
All sales from the internet will be placed on hold as normal and I will check my emails hourly whenever possible.
I can only really see two problems which may or may not occur.
Problem 1 - If an order is place on the internet at a time when I am off-line at the fair, an item ordered may be sold to a fair customer.
Solution 1 - As soon as I discover this I will email you and if payment was made by paypal send a refund.

Problem 2 - No internet connection. I don't see why this should happen as my connection will be through Vodaphone which goes through the mobile phone system. I know people who have used the internet at the fairs.
Solution 2 - I have made arrangements with a friend, if this should occur to stop all internet sales until such time as I can get connected. A message will be posted on the home page.

Hopefully this problems will not occur and everything will run smoothly. If you are concerned then the best time will be to order after 6pm when the fair is closed and I can get your orders off the stall first thing in the morning before the customers arrive.


Of course I would love to see you at the fairs, so if you are intending to visit you will find us in the following places.

Tuesday, Wednesday 4th/5th August
Arthur Swallow International Antique and Home Show - Swinderby
Tent Town - Marquee B at the far end central aisle. Stalls B35-36

Thursday and Friday 6th/7th August
IACF Antique Fair Newark showground
Sir George Stephenson building furniture pitch at the far end in front of the massive up and over door - Stall F38

If you do visit either of these stalls bring along some stout walking shoes as the fairs are massive over 3000 stalls at each fair.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Swinderby and Newark antique fairs preparations

Things are coming together for the fairs. I've been busy making up more boxes of haberdashery ready to take. Normally I don't take a great deal of what is on the website but as I'm keeping the website open I decided that perhaps it would be a good idea to swell my haberdashery table.
Hubby went out yesterday to buy me a small table to place my laptop on so that i can keep in touch with sales whilst I'm at the fairs.

One bad thing and one good thing happened yesterday. The good news was that the plumber is on schedule and so can start the work next week on the new central heating system and shower room extension whilst we are away. I'm really pleased about that as it means that all my hard work of moving things around the house and into the lock-up have not been in vain. However the bad news really freaked me out. I had a call from my bank from the fraud squad no less telling me that they had had to cancel my credit card as the number had been found on a list they had received. Fortunately it had not been used but it is rather scary. Of course it has been cancelled at a time when items like my internet provider has to be paid etc. etc. So I will be spending part of today contacting the various sources with explanations. As I'm going away for a week it means that the new card will arrive whilst I'm away and I won't be able to do anything about it until my return. It leaves me wondering how and where they got my number from as I am so hot on online security. I have been told that tend to just write lists of numbers and I was just the unlucky one but that doesn't help me. I'll keep you posted on this one.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


I know this is a dreadful picture but actually in real life these are really lovely. They only arrived a couple of days ago. These Victorian fabrics have been so popular that I thought I would have some postcards made.
I will be taking these to the fairs to sell in packs of 5 at £3.00 a pack. If anyone is interested in buying a pack then please contact me as they aren't on the website yet.
My contact email can be found at my 'profile page' here on this blog.

Saturday, 25 July 2009


When writing my blog the other day, I mentioned that I never have time to do some creating of my own. That got me to thinking that I needed a day off from the business to have some me time. Yesterday I managed to get out my felting machine and create. I didn't have anything in mind so just added bits of wool and fabric here and there.
I sat for about half an hour looking at the design to find something interesting in it. I must admit I often work like this and usually they turn out to be my best works.

So here you see the:-

Wandering spirits.

You can see more photo's of this work on my other blog


I used some snippets of Victorian fabric in this work and some 1930's green chiffon with circles cut out and button hole stitched with gold metallic thread which was beautifully tarnished.

Thursday, 23 July 2009


I thought I would show you some of the items that I made in the past few years. This is to prove that I'm also creative with my finds as well as selling them to you.
I do miss sewing I must admit and one day I will find the time to make a bag for myself. At the moment the Rag Rescue site is so busy that there aren't enough hours in the day for creating for myself.

The bag above was made from English vintage fabrics.

I loved this bag. It was made from antique quilt pieces similar to the ones I sell on the site.

I tried something different with this one as I had an old quilt with the most wonderful design of roses which I used as the centre piece surrounded with mother of pearl buttons.
The design on this old quilt was so wonderful that 'Louise loves' had it copied for her now famous fabrics and wallpaper.

And finally my bucket shaped bag.

These bags were all sold immediately but I thought it would show how the old patchwork pieces can be recycled and used for an effective modern look.

News Update

I just noticed a few hours ago that there was only one item in the 'New Listings' category on the site. Silly me must have put the wrong date on when listing.
I have therefore listed some more scrapbags which I had prepared earlier so they will be listed tomorrow morning. I thought I'd give you all a chance to see them before I go to the fairs.

Sunday, 19 July 2009


Rag Rescue website
Tomorrow I am listing some more of those beautiful 1930's hexagonal patches. this time they are larger as I have included a number at a time. The shapes that you can see are due to the fact that I had to cut around damaged ones.. Wherever possible I have chosen large pieces which would look superb included in a patchwork of your own. the small pieces are wonderful shapes and would be delightful appliquéd on to bags or cushion fronts.

This is the last day of new listings until I return from the fairs at the beginning of August.
My lounge is like steptoe's room, just full of paintings and antique stock. My dining room table is cluttered with antiques ready to be cleaned and I don't want to mention the kitchen.
On top of all this work I have to clear rooms ready for the plumbers arrival after we leave in two weeks time. Well I won't be bored during the time running up to the fairs.
I forgot to mention that I also have to keep on top of my orders which are coming in fast and furious, perhaps I can get Ludo ( my dog) to help well, perhaps not.
Seriously though, I don't mind because it is a job I love and I can always spend an hour on the beach to refresh myself.

Saturday, 18 July 2009


Beautiful Victorian fabric squares taken from old quilts.

feast your eyes on these wonderful fabric designs which will be listed on my web shop tomorrow morning at 7am
Rag Rescue

Friday, 17 July 2009



Had a good day today as I got such a lot done. I've started sorting out the Rag Rescue items to take to the Swinderby and Newark Fair.

Talking of the fairs, there are two pieces of News. In October the Arthur Swallow fair which is usually held on the Swinderby airfield is moving to the Lincolnshire Showground. that means that we will no longer be in a marquee but a lovely new huge building. the second piece of news is that DMG have sold their fairs and it is now owned by IACF. I've no idea what is happening all very secretive. apart from the fact that aren't going to put our stall prices up until 2011. thank goodness for that as it is £225 for two days now. So big changes afoot I just hope they are for the better.

Before I forget 18 more vintage fabric squares are being added in the morning.

Sleep well.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Tomorrows listings of wonderful vintage fabric squares.

I've spent all day at the auction today. Unfortunately there wasn't any vintage fabrics or trims but I did manage to buy a huge amount of watercolours and oil paintings.
The sun has finally put its hat on and come out to play this afternoon. We had a horrendous journey through the lake district mountains this morning with torrential rain on the motorway. On returning home the clouds cleared and there was a wonderful blue sky over Morecambe Bay. I think all of the holiday makers from the Lake district had seen the skies over the bay and decided to head to our lovely town as we had to queue to get in, something unheard of mid-week.
I must say that Morecambe is no longer a run down seaside town. Millions have been spent on restoring the town and relaying beaches so the tourist now come pouring in each week.

Tuesday, 14 July 2009


Coming up tomorrow are beautiful old fabric samples in the form of strips of fabric. I haven't done anything to these apart from wash ans iron them. I presume they were for the edge of a quilt or have been on the edge of a quilt and then removed.
The designs are fabulous and great for anyone who collects fabric designs of a bygone age.
There is so much that can be done with these wonderful pieces as they are still very strong.
Test your imagination.

Monday, 13 July 2009


Well the garden has had a good watering my mother nature, so much so, that everthing looks a little dashed. The two thunderstorms we have just experienced over the last hour created torrential rain storms. Still I'm sure everything will feel the better for it even if I have to stake a few plants up. It is at times like these that I thank my lucky stars that I only have a small walled garden. Most of the time I miss the wonderful gardens I had when I lived in Rugby.

Well tomorrow I am starting to list some patches that I found in the patchwork and quilting treasure boxes, I talked about earlier last week.
I have left a good turn over so that they can be stitched onto your projects.
These 16 patches are from the 1930's and contain some wonderful floral fabrics both in a silky fabric and cotton.

I'd just like to say thank you to everyone who have left comments on this blog or sent me messages via email or the feedback on the website. Working from home can be a lonely business sometimes, so thanks to all of you. I will always try to answer your comments the following morning before I start work.

Sunday, 12 July 2009


Amongst the four large pieces of vintage fabric being listed tomorrow is a piece of Marcel Boussac fabric dated 1939

I remember this fabric from years ago when I lived in Rugby. I used to buy boxes full of fabric in those days. I remember thinking at the time what superb quality it was. My mother, a tailoress by trade, soon noticed the quality and said she would take it and make something for herself.
A few weeks ago I was sorting out mums fabrics and came across this piece again, she had put it away and forgotten all about it.
It wasn't until I was getting the listing ready that I noticed faint printing on the edge of the fabric. To my surprise it stated -
'boussac MCMLXXXIX'
Marcel Boussac (April 17, 1889 – March 21, 1980) was a French entrepreneur best known for his ownership of the Maison Dior . He was internationally famous from the 1930s.

This is a beautiful piece of unused fabric with a fabulous design, after all Marcel Boussac distinguished himself by the taste for quality, innovation and originality.
Mum was right even though she didn't know it.

I also have four pieces of quilting being listed tomorrow. Ideal for making cushion fronts from. I've already made one and it looks lovely on my office chair.

This fabric is marked - 'boussac MCMLXXXIX'

A beautiful piece of unused fabric with a fabulous design, after all Marcel Boussac distinguished himself by the taste for quality, innovation and originality.

Saturday, 11 July 2009


Just look at that lovely teddy, don't you adore him? I found him amongst the boxes of quilting bits. Like everything else in the box he is not finished. All the bits are machine stitched put want hand sewing together. The fabrics are fantastic, lovely old quilting.
Now who could resist him?


In my frenzy yesterday and pain from my frozen right shoulder, I forgot to post more photographs giving you a sneak preview of what is being listed next week.
I've decided to start the new listings tomorrow - Sunday 12th July.
Although the sun is shining beautifully here in the north west and I am very tempted to go and dip my toes in the sea, I've decided to press on with the rest of the listings so that I can rest my shoulder next week from intensive typing.
There will be 9 days of listings possibly 10 if I can get some more card for my scrapbags in time.
These will be the only listings for July as I have to prepare for the fairs at the beginning of August and whilst I am away I have the plumbers coming in to fix a new central heating system and do some work on my shower room.
I will still be taking orders whilst I'm away at the fairs as I won't be closing the website, more info to come at the end of the month.
I will be posting a combined picture here every day before the listing as normal starting this evening.
If you too have beautiful sunshine today, go out and enjoy yourselves it may not last.

Thursday, 9 July 2009


iI know I normally put new listings on the website every other week but well, last week it was too hot and I just had to watch the tennis and... well that's my excuse. As this week is much cooler I've been really busy in my workshop. I managed to get two boxes of quilted pieces from a house clearance a couple of months ago. I think the lady and her forebears had been trying to quilt, patch and repair for many years as there wasn't one complete quilt. Instead I found lots of beautiful Victorian and 1920's fabric, patches and incomplete patchwork. So I've been having a great time this week sorting through it and cutting out the damaged pieces, and washing and ironing the fabric. Today I took well over 150 photographs and have just finished jpegging them all. Now all I have to do is start the measuring and listing on the website. I think I should be done ready to start listing next Monday with a bit of luck.
I took a few photo's to show you as a preview so in the next couple of days you will see them here on my blog - just to wet your appetite.
Todays photo shows some of the lovely patches that were either seperate in the box or I've managed to save from a worn out quilt. Large ones in the forefront of the photo and beautiful 1920's fabric ones behind.
And this is only the start I haven't even delved into the second box yet.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009



Why not make some unique napkin holders made from a Rag Rescue scrapbag.
Each scrapbag has four colour coordinated vintage fabrics each piece long enough for this idea. So simple, quick to make, cheap at £3.50 for 4 and will be a talking point for your friends.

Take each piece and join along the long sides with the reverse side of the fabric facing outwards. Measure the length you want for your napkin when folded, tuck in the ends and hand sew together. Iron flat.

You can decorate them with a bow made of ribbon (available also on the Rag Rescue site) or why not use a pretty button or buckle similar to the ones shown below.

This is just one way to make a napkin holder. You could edge the fabric with lace or rather than sewing the ends together, just tuck in and add your buttons or a lovely tassel., then tie around the napkin. Toilet roll centres covered with the fabric by glue make sturdy napkin holders. If you find them unhygienic just pop them in the microwave for 30 secs, a trick I learnt from my teaching days. You can add any embellishment you wish and there are plenty to choose from at the Rag Rescue site.

Make your Bar-B-Que or picnic special.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


Old eiderdown fabric.
4inch and 5inch squares available

Beautiful French lilac flowered linen vintage fabric.

A large piece +5inch and 6 inch squares available
Vintage fabric with a lovely roses design.

I have two pieces of this fabric and also some squares.
Lovely cotton mix with an eau de nil background and lovely roses.

A soft and silky feel to the fabric. Would look great as a blouse.

Monday, 6 July 2009


These long strips of fabric were found in a purchase I made of boxes of very old quilting fabrics and quilts. Some of the quilts had been stripped, saving me the job.

I suppose they are like a mini jelly roll but the same fabric.

Each strip roll contains I long length of between approx. 69inches to 75 inches long by 2.5" wide.

The images show some of the pattern along the length. Really shabby chic. Good strong fabric washed and ironed even though it didn't really need it.

You can now find Rag Rescue on Twitter.