Thursday, 11 June 2009


For the last day of listing this week I've been sorting through my vintage fabric and cut many new squares. These squares have proved so popular of late as crafters have been busy using them for cushion making and bags, lavender bags and appliqué work adding them to skirts, jeans and Summer tops cutting them into wonderful shapes.

Hubby is away at the moment for a few days at another fair but I've stopped behind to prepare for the next set of listings. I shall enjoy walking Ludo my dog on the beach and in the woods, weather permitting and although I love my hubby dearly it is always good to have some space when you are in each others company 24/7.

Family problems may take me away next week for a few days but the site will remain open if I have to go away quickly. It will just mean that posting will be delayed by a few days.
I'll keep you all informed on this blog.

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