Saturday, 13 June 2009


Well the clouds have come over again so no sunset tonight. Still all is not lost, it is lovely and warm so Ludo and I will walk up the lane to the church. The lane is covered in foliage and climbing in amongst it all is this beautiful honeysuckle. Early in the morning and late in the evening, the aroma is divine, quite a heady perfume but very pleasing. Last night it was bell ringing practise and my ears were still ringing when I returned home. In usual style Ludo ignored the deafening sound, caught sight of a squirrel and tried to take chase although the squirrel had run up a tree on the other side of a tall fence. Ludo looked at me enquiringly as if to say why can't I go there. He them just stood crying....We moved on quickly and he soon forgot about the squirrel and gave chase to the seagulls who immediately flew up to the church roof out of his reach.

Off we go again, I wonder what he will give chase to tonight.

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