Friday, 26 June 2009


Mix and match fabric squares to make patchwork bags, cushions and bedcovers. Use them individually for lavender bags, tags, bag decorations.
See great ideas for patchwork in the next issue of
SEW HIP magazine out 31st July Issue 9

As it was the last day of mums holiday I took her to the wonderful village of Arnside. We walked slowly along the path on the edge of the estuary. The tide was out so there wasn't a problem. They have to blast out a siren when the tide comes in as it comes in so very fast. I forgot my camera as usual so this photo was taken last year.
Tomorrow morning will see me up early around 5am to start on the journey back to mums, over the penines. It should be a lovely journey as the weather is forecast fine, so the views should be spectacular.

I will be coming back home on Sunday morning, another early start so as to miss all of the holiday traffic and will answer any emails on my return.

Tomorrow is the last day of listing this session. Thank you for all of your orders.

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