Tuesday, 16 June 2009


I'm afraid I am going to have to go away for a few days to my mothers. Hopefully I will be back on Saturday.

As far as the Rag rescue website is concerned it will be left open and
I will
still be taking orders.

I have managed to buy myself mobile broadband connection for my laptop so I will never have to stop taking orders again.
Rag Rescue will now travel with laptop.

I have always put off buying mobile broadband connection as for me it was so expensive and you had to pat monthly and commit for 1-2years.
Vodaphone are now doing pay as you go mobile connection. The dongle came with 30hours of free surfing and to top up is only £15 so that was so much better for my needs.
Just thought I'd let you all know because if you have always felt, like me,t hat it wasn't worth paying for something you was only going to use once in a while then you might have another think.

So whilst away I can answer emails, any items bought will automatically be put on hold. There of course be a delay in my normal prompt posting but I will keep you informed on this, next Monday at the latest.


RubyMay said...

Sorry to hear you have an emergency Sandie...I do hope all is well.

Thanks so much for the dongle info as I love going to our caravan, but hate being offline, so it looks like you have found an answer for me. Now I can have the best of both worlds- and keep up with my favourite blogs.
Sending ((((hugs))) from RubyMay x

Gingerbread said...

I do hope all will be well and things do not become to stressful for you. Your website has come on in leaps and bounds now, you have done well with everything. Take care. Julie.C

Raggy said...

Hi Ruby May,

Mum is feeling better now and I've brought her back with me for a weeks holiday. Hopefully she will be fit enough to go to the Woolfest in Cockermouth on Friday.

The dongle worked really well and it was great to be in contact with my friends and customers whilst away from home, I fully recommend it, especially as you don't have to have a contract.

Raggy said...

Thank you for your best wishes, mum is feeling a lot better now. thank also for your comments on the website. I just love it and also all of the people I meet here on the blog and the site.