Friday, 12 June 2009


As my hubby is away it means that I get to walk Ludo our dog. I rose at 5am as my internal clock is still on fair times and by 5.10 amI was out of the door in the sunshine. This time I remembered to take my camera with me, I must have been wide awake as I normally forget.
Our walk took us through the churchyard and into the large Morecambe cemetery. The photo above shows the lovely old hall entrance, unfortunately long pulled down to make make way for the Town Hall. I just love looking through this arch way as you can see the bay and the Cumbrian mountains in the far distance on a clear day.
After a strenuous game of ball we then passed the boat yard and came to the front, crossed the road which was unbelieveably quiet, but I suppose it would be at that time in the morning, and went along to the beach, yet another game of ball. In order to get my breath back I stopped to take more photo's.

I usually like the bay better when the tide is in, but this morning it looked so magical with mist hanging over the mountains and the sun emphasising the ruts and hollows made in the mud by the boats.
On my return journey I stood talking for ages with a man and his retriever who seemed to have so much energy and was charging everywhere in the sunshine, the dog not my new friend.
An hour had passed when I returned home and I felt so exhilerated, perhaps I should make the effort every morning.
I was hoping to take some photo's of the sunset this evening as Morecambe Bay is famous for them, but the sun seems to have lost its battle with the clouds. Perhaps tomorrow evening.


Gingerbread said...

What an interesting post, I did enjoy your pictures I imagined me and bonnie were taking the same walk.The last picture was the best one for me, its quite artistic. That would make a good print. best wishes Julie.C

Raggy said...

Hi Julie, Thanks for your comment. I'm glad you liked the photo's. It is sunny here at the moment, not a cloud in the sky so I am keeping my fingers crossed for the sunset photo's this evening