Saturday, 1 May 2010

Problem - fixed

Blood, sweat and tears have been shed over the past few days on this awful problem of payment  by paypal when using a Mozilla Firefox browser. Actually my web designer has done the hard work, but I found it such a pain. Computers are really handy until they go wrong. What makes coding work for 18months without  a problem and then just stop. Apparently it was something to do with the Firefox or paypal changing their encryption type, it's all double dutch to me.

Still everthing is working again and orders with payments via paypal using FF have come through fine. Just be aware that further updates may change the whole situation again but in the meantime PLEASE let me know if you have difficulties and we can try to sort them asap.
Thank you to all of my customers for being so patient.

On the Rag Rescue stock news, I've just completed pre-listing 45 more new items for next week, nearly all vintage fabrics.
Keep watching the blog for previews of the following day listings.
First preview will be posted tomorrow, and newsletter go out at the same time.

Hope your Spring bank holiday weather is better than it is in Morecambe. It started off fine but has turned really cold again and is raining heavily. Just hope it clears up tomorrow so I can get some gardening done.

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