Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Vintage fabric scrapbags tomorrow + Ludo news

Vintage fabric scrapbags listed tomorrow at Rag Rescue

I'm afraid I have to tell you all that we had to put Ludo to sleep this evening. The vet called us in to see him in case we could get a response from him to encourage him to get better. Unfortunately it was a very very sad time. He didn't recognise us and had difficulty standing and could not walk unless aided. The vet suggested that we wait another day which we agreed to but on returning home we realised that there wasn't any hope  and so we have had to have him put to sleep. The vet agrees that we had made the correct decision.
So its goodbye to Ludo and I know that he will not only be terribly missed by us but by everybody who knew him especially at the fairs as he had human friends from all over the world.
It is a sad, sad day for us.


ted and bunny said...

I am sorry about your news, athough it was of course absolutely the right decision.
It never gets any easier does it; I think this is the price we pay for loving them.
Big hug

Raggy said...

Thank you Elaine for your kind words. We are slowly coming to terms with our loss. You are right it doesn't get any easier but we had seven years with Ludo and we have wonderful memories.