Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Vintage needle packets and buttons at Rag Rescue tomorrow

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Walking Ludo the dog today I decided to stroll through the graveyard. I haven't through there for a while as in this area someone had decided that the graveyards needed to be tidied up. To a point, I would agree but our graveyard was a wonderful habitat for wild animals birds and insects. Squirrels abounded and all kinds of birds perched on the tree branches after they had had their breakfast from the fish which came in on the incoming tide. Not any more, bushes had been chopped to ground level, brambles uprooted and trees felled. We were all devastated.
As Winter has turned into Spring there is new life amongst the remaining trees and bushes and someone has been inspired.
At the end of the path at the very bottom of the graveyard close to the boat yard two stately trees used to stand. They had not managed to escape the saws of the tidy up brigade. All that was left of them was an eight foot high stump.
BUT look what someone has done.............
The fisherman and his wife.
How wonderful!


Ticking stripes said...

How wonderful are they! (And the CWS needle packet!)

Jackie said...

I like the carvings I think but I too am sick and tired of the tidy up brigade, I won't start, becaseu I may not finish....