Monday, 17 May 2010

Poor Ludo

if I am a little late in sending out emails to you, please forgive me. We have a terrible time since 6pm last night. My husband was away for 5 days last week and half an hour after he returned home, Ludo had a terrible episode. We had given him a bone and thought he had a piece stuck in his throat but it turned out he was having a fit which lasted for 5 minutes. Neither of us had ssen a dog in this state and it was terribly distressing for us all. After half an hour he seemed his normal self, had a drink and ate some food, but half an hour afterwards he started fitting again. the vet said we had to take him in. On the way he had two more fits in the car and three more whilst at the vets even though she administered diazapan. She decided that he had to be kept in and he was put on a drip and sedated. Apparenlty he had two more fits after we left. This morning we fully expected the worst, but although he had a small fit this morning he is drowsy but standing up. They are keeping him under observation and we have to wait until 4pm today to ring up for the verdict.
I would be really pleased if anybody else has encountered this happening with their really healthy full of life dog.
The house seems really empty without him but I'm trying to keep myself busy by wrapping orders and sorting out items for next week. All the weekend orders have now been posted.
Will keep you updated.


Scrapiana said...

Oh, poor Ludo! Hope he's rallying. Oddly, someone else recently mentioned their dog having epilepsy; it was a total stranger in the local PDSA charity shop, so not someone who can be found again. But she was very matter-of-fact about it and said medication was all that was required to keep him on an even keel. Let us know how you get on.

Raggy said...

Thank you Eirlys for posting your comment, it is reassuring to know that epilepsy can be controlled with medication. They have started this treatment so fingers crossed that tomorrow will bring better news of Ludo and we can bring him home