Friday, 30 April 2010

Mozilla Firefox browser problems

During the past two weeks some customers have been having problems paying for their orders using paypal at the checkout on the Rag Rescue site. I stress that it is only some customers, others have had no problems at all. We thought that this was an intermittent fault somewhere but after numerous investigation and with the help of some wonderful customers testing the site for me, we have found the problem, but at the moment not the solution, unfortunately.
It appears that the problem lies with the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox browser that some customers use, myself included. It would appear that there is a bug in this latest edition which is not allowing access to various sites. There are numerous questions and complaints on the Firefox forum.

Please note that FireFox browser customers can still order from Rag Rescue. 
Your orders will still come through to me and items will be placed on hold. At the moment, until Firefox resolve this problem, I will send you a paypal request for payment manually, shortly after I receive your order as you will find that you are unable to load paypal from my checkout.

An easy solution to pay by paypal automatically from the Rag Rescue site.

If you use your INTERNET EXPLORER browser to access the Rag Rescue website you will not encounter any problems for automatic payment.

I can only apologise for this problem but as you probably realise it is out of or control at the moment until we can get a solution from Firefox.
We are working hard and long on this problem.

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