Tuesday, 28 April 2009


There is nothing nicer than a pretty Summer bag for those special occasions. Tomorrow I am listing three such bags, an Edwardian linen bag embroidered with violets that can be hung around the waist and a beautiful 1930's crochet bag lined with pink silk and embellished with ribbons.
I am placing these three bags in the 'Crafted Goods' category which soon will have its name changed to 'Vintage items'
For all you crafters out there that love to make there own bags I'm including some very large Victorian press studs and hooks and eyes. These are still in perfect condition as they are brass based and rustproof. I use the large press studs myself when I make felt bags.
Also included are some old boot buttons, ideal for toys, some beaded lampshade fringing and some more of those lovely scrapbags plus a pack of Victorian quilt fabrics.


Gingerbread said...

This looks really good, nice idea. I wanted to add that I gave your blog link to my friend you loves fabrics and is a keen patchworker, she thinks your collection of fabric is really nice. Thanks. Julie.C

Raggy said...

Hi julie, Thank you for passing on my blog link to your friend. I hope she likes the blog and website as much I enjoy writing it.