Tuesday, 14 April 2009


Sorry no listings tomorrow. Two reasons, the first is my memory or rather lack of it as I had forgotten that I am at auction all day tomorrow. As you probably know I have had great difficulties with my site with regard to placing sold items as 'sold' and therefore I don't want to risk someone paying again for an item which has already been sold whilst I am away from the computer.
The second reason is that we have been testing the new logic on on the site today and the first part is successful when ordering by cheque although we haven't put it into operation at the moment because we want to get the paypal side tested.

The good news is that I have been taking many photo's today and the photo's above show some of the new items that will appear on the website on Thursday morning. I'm not sure at what time but I will give an update tomorrow evening on this blog.

I've had another piece of absolutely brilliant news today, totally unrelated to Rag Rescue but I'm bursting to tell you all.
A few years ago my mother had ovarian cancer a huge one, the size of a rugger ball. She had this removed and amazingly ,as she was 80 years old, she survived but of course as is usual, there is always the doubt that it would return. Three weeks ago the doctor did some tests on her pancreas as she had been unwell and lost yet more weight. We were all concerned that the cancer had returned BUT today she was given the all clear. It was just the pancreatitus again, not just but you know I mean. Phew! we can all relax again.

I think I good stiff drink is called for.

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pwl said...

That IS good news!