Monday, 6 April 2009

Busy preparing for more listings.

The fairs were very busy, I've never seen so many people visiting them. I'm not sure what happened to the recession, it certainly seem to be around last week.I did however manage to find time to go out buying and found some wonderful old fabrics which are now drying ready for ironing and being organised into scrapbags, squares and stash bags. I also came across two boxes of haberdashery hidden amongst a pile of furniture. It contained loads of tassels and packets of old sequins amongst other odds and ends. I also found some more old lace, collectors will be pleased to hear. All will be revealed in due course.

The other interesting thing was that I spotted a furniture dealers van from Scotland. I recognised the the name as we had seen the advert for them at the side of the road on our holiday last October. My husband spoke to the owners as we had spotted outside their stall, a wonderful carved wooden bear stool. Unfortunately we didn't buy the bear as he was over a thousand pounds but we did find out something interesting. During the course of the conversation my husband told them that we were looking for old fabrics and to our delight he said he had cases of old fabrics stored away. A trip to Scotland is now on our list of things to do very soon, I can't wait to rescue these fabrics from their storage. Fingers crossed that they are just wonderful and still usable.

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