Thursday, 30 April 2009


Lots of lovely vintage items are being added to the RAG RESCUE WEBSITE tomorrow.
They include a number of stash bags - quilt pieces, quilt patches and new 'Create a picture' stash bags.
There is also a lovely piece of dress fabric, some buckles, lots of vintage hankies and hair nets as well as bells, French linen and 1950's net.
A superb 19th century French large tassel and matching braid.

This beautiful tassel and its matching braid were from the centre of the underside of a 'corona' above a bed. The fabric was attached to a wire hoop and the braid was stitched around it. The tassel hung from the centre. Unfortunately the fabric was too damaged to re-use but thankfully the tassel and braid are still in excellent condition with very little fading. The tassel is made from wool and the carved wooden shapes are covered in pure silk threads.

This would create a focal point over any bed in a corona or equally superb at the centre of swagged curtains or even on the end of a cushion or frame.

What ever its final destination I know that you will be pleased with this wonderful tassel and braid.
The top has a diameter of 6cms and the tassels hangs down12cms.
The braid is 98cms long and 3cms wide.

This is the last day of this weeks listings. The new items will go on-line at 7am BST tomorrow - Friday


Sal said...

Hi there!
I just discovered you by chance as I saw you were following my shop.
I'm so excited to have found you!!
I'll add you to my list of faves now ;-)

Raggy said...

Hi Sal. Glad you found me and thank you for adding me to your favourites. Love your blog.