Saturday, 25 April 2009

Excitement at the Rag Rescue base camp

I have spent all yesterday in contact with my new web designer who is an absolute star. As you know I list every day for a week but have been having to list the items the previous day in order to upload them all at a set time the next morning.
I suggested that it would save me time if I could list and save the weeks items all in one swoop and somehow just itemise certain ones to list on a particular day.

Well, now I can do that.

In fact it is better than I imagined. Once I have listed and saved all of the weeks items, the computer does the rest, I don't even have to be near it.

Its magic!

No more getting up at 6am to get ready for listing I can stay in bed and know that my days items have been listed and if any orders have come in they will all have been put on hold.

How cool is that.

So today is the first day of this weeks listings. I haven't prepared too many just in case there is a hitch. For that reason I haven't done a preview photo - sorry.

There will be some more scrapbags and some hexagonal quilt patches for starters.

If everything goes well then the listing will start in earnest on Monday. I have some lovely vintage made items from the 1930s as well as vintage fabrics, haberdashery and embellishments.

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