Saturday, 4 April 2009


Ludo is glad to be back home again. He will probably sleep for the next week and hardly eat anything as he is so spoilt at the fairs. His favourite American lady bought him his usual bag of goodies and treats and he was petted and stroked to almost oblivion by his new friends from Prague. Ludo is well known at the fairs and everyone knows his name even if they don't know ours.

The fairs were great this time and I've never seen them so full of people, buying, buying and buying. The weather was kinder also so I was able to go out hunting for goodies for the website and for those items that my customers asked me to find.

I think I've managed to cross off all of the Rag Rescue sales so

I am hoping that we will be fully automated sometime this week so if you have difficulty at any point this week getting on to the website, please email me as we may be testing.
When this is all completed I will be listing more items once again.

Thank you for you patience during the closure time.

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