Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Vintage fabric scrapbags 2

Listing tomorrow 7am GMT

I woke up to yet another Winter wonderland. It had been snowing all night and continued off and on all day. I'm glad I was able to stay inside all day. I just hope that it thaws overnight as I have to go to view an auction tomorrow and I know that the roads could be very thick with snow as they are not major roads. Fingers crossed we manage to get there.


BusyLizzie said...

Hi ya, did you get to the auction.. or are you snowed in? So sorry I didn't get to meet you at NEWARK. I will endeavour to get there once the weather perks up! Lizzie

Raggy said...

Hi Lizzie, not sure about the auction tomorrow. We don't normally have snow in Morecambe but not only is it pretty thick but the big freeze has now started -6 tonight apparently. The auction we are hoping to view is on the edge of the pennines and normally it very bad there. Must ring up in the morning to see what the roads are like. apparently we are having the worst weather in Lancashire for 30 years.
I'm going to have to order a duvet jacket I think for Newark and Lincoln in 3 weeks time, Lincoln can be pretty cold at the best of times. Hope to see you too at newark perhaps in the Summer.