Sunday, 17 January 2010

Trimming up Monday with vintage trims.

Vintage trims and embellishments being listed tomorrow at

So what has been happening with Sandie at Rag Rescue?

Phew! well, after having my 82 year old mother staying with us for the past month, she finally went home today so I've managed to put the next two weeks listings on the automatic update on the website today.
My mother is not well having suffered with cancer, hand trouble, and angina etc since dad died 6 years ago. She has realised that the time has come when she needs to be looking at moving in with us. Unfortunately as you all know it is a bad time to sell a house so we are trying to split the Winter months up with long stays at our house. I am so pleased that she wasn't on her own during the artic weather we have just come out of.
So as well as running the Rag Rescue website and being a carer for my husband I have been caring for mum as well, doing all the little caring jobs that her carers do for her when she is at home. Unfortunately we only got out a couple of times and you can well imagine why but at least I had breaks away from the computer.
We did manage to go to an auction yesterday, our favourite one, so our antique stock levels have risen slightly. Hopefully after the two auctions next week we will be back up to full strength in that department. Of course now I have to log everything in, wait for hubby to clean everything and then I will be able to price and label the items and finally next week start the packing. Its a good job mum has gone home  as the house becomes very busy and cluttered and she might have changed her mind about coming to live here. Still she is very adaptable, fortunately.
Having said all of that please excuse me if you only get the photo's of the next days listing for the next couple of days as I shall be busy, getting the stock ready, emailing, wrapping and posting orders and going to auctions.
SO you can see my life is very full of lovely things to do but I must admit I flop in front of the television of the evening and wait for my wonderful hubby to serve me my dinner.
Housework!! not for the next couple of weeks, just hope that know one calls in.
Bye for now.


Vintage to Victorian at Dairy House Antiques said...

Your house sounds much like ours!! At least my 89 (on Wednesday)-year-old Mum lives next door. She'd never cope in the same house!!

Must try and remember to look at your listings tomorrow.


Raggy said...

Say Happy Birthday to your mum on Wednesday Sue, 89 Wow!
I must admit I don't know what I'd do if I didn't live in perpetual chaos.