Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Thursdays mix of antique and vintage fabric etc

Another busy day here at Rag Rescue.I spent the morning getting orders ready for posting, such a lot today, thank you to all my wonderful customers. This afternoon I've started packing the antique boxes ready for the fair. Its a good job mum has returned home because I think every room has either boxes, paintings, Victorian scooters, French champagne racks, bobbin winders, large wooden mill spools or cart wheels in. That is before I start packing the Rag Rescue goods on Saturday afternoon.
I did have a lovely surprise this morning though, some wonderful Victorian and 1920's black beadwork arrived via our lovely postie. That will stay at home, I don't want it getting pulled about at the fairs.
I'm building up quite a list now of items people want me to find, so if you haven't already contacted me please do so before Sunday morning.

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