Thursday, 7 January 2010

The big freeze continues

Hubby is ill in bed so it was my turn to walk Ludo this morning. After donning on all of my thermals, I set out down the road just after dawn. the tide was coming in and all the birds were waiting for their breakfast on the shore. The snow on the mountains of the Lake District had a wonderful pink hue and all was quiet, not a car or pedestrian in sight. Only the bird song broke the silence.

We haven't had as much snow as the surrounding areas but apart from the main roads nothing has been gritted. the pavements and the prom were lethal for what snow we had had was trampled down and turned into solid ice. It is at least 15 years since Morecambe has had snow like this  and we have now had snow since just before Christmas with only a couple of days in between when it almost cleared.

Ludo loves the snow, having four legs helps I'm sure. he ran around madly whilst I held onto my walking pole and tottered along like an old lady.

So today I stay in again for most of the day. I'm not going to risk going to the auction on my own, those country lanes will not have been gritted and although I don't mind driving in the snow, ice is a different matter.
The schools here are still closed. I remember when I was teaching that the head insisted that we get into school. My friend and I drove 18 miles in a blizzard with huge snow drifts either side only to discover as we thought that no children had turned up. All of our children had to be bussed in and of course the bus company wouldn't risk it. No health and safety measures then.
Keep warm all of you.

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Julies knitting corner said...

Oh I am sorry to here your husband is not to well its horrible when the weather is so cold too. We don't have as much snow as you, but still more than we are used too, and hardly any grit. I was the only one on the field this morning aswell with my extra clothing, taking bonnie for her walk. Stay warm both of you. best wishes Julie.C