Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Vintage fabric patches 2

More vintage fabric patches tomorrow at
at 7am GMT

Well had a laugh this afternoon. We donned our Winter woollies and set off in the van to an auction in the Pennines. We hadn't been there before but had heard that every Wednesday evening they had a collectables sale.The road were reasonably clear although the snow was piled up at the sides. Then it started to snow, only lightly but I wondered if we would get home later if the snow became heavy. Well as you can see I'm home, had a Chinese take-away and a rest. Not sure what happened to the collectables, well there were about 20 lots of pottery in one building, not my scene any more as it doesn't sell like it used to. We move over to the other building as there were plenty of people milling about. Yes, plenty of farmers. The building was the venue for the animal stock auctions. There were a few pens with household goods that someone no longer wanted and rows and rows of chickens in tiny metal cages. In another part of the building there were people selling, snakes, hamsters, rabbits etc. In the third building it was like a Sunday market with traders selling cheap items. So we had travelled in the snow for 1 hour and 20 minutes to see this. As you can imagine we turned around and came back home very disappointed and still without any new stock to take to the fairs in two weeks time. Apparently it isn't normally like that we were told, it was the weather, the auction room is normally full of collectables that people no longer want. I think we will wait until the weather warms up before we venture there again. Still as our dealer friend used to say 'If you don't go, you don't know' Hmmmm!
Perhaps our auction on Saturday will be more fruitful, at least there is a catalogue of items for sale.

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