Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Vintage fabric and the big freeze

Well first things first. Above are the last eight of the new scrapbags I have made. They will be listed tomorrow morning at 7am GMT as usual.

Now are you all managing to keep warm in this big freeze?
It is dreadful here in Lancashire. -6 degrees last night and we are having to keep the heating on day and night to stop the pipes freezing. The roads are icy and the pavements treacherous. I can't tell you how many people we have seen falling over outside our house. My 83 year old mother came to stay two and half weeks ago and has only been out of the house once and that was to have her eyes tested. The glasses will be ready on Friday but unless conditions change there is no way that I dare take her out into town.
So we didn't get to the auction to view today and won't be going to buy tomorrow unfortunately, well not unless there is a big thaw and that hasn't been predicted. We were hoping to go into the Pennines this evening to buy at another auction but we have changed our minds after speaking to some dealer friends who live close by. Apparently they have a foot of snow and although they aren't totally cut off the shops are beginning to run out of food. So that auction is off as well.
So I have spent the day wrapping up orders - thank you to all those lovely people who spent last evening browsing through the website and choosing items to buy. The afternoon has been spent on book-keeping, something I hate doing but unfortunately there is no escape from it in business.
Tomorrow should see me pre- listing next weeks items. Lots of large vintage fabrics at reasonable prices - as always.

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pwl said...

It seems odd to read and hear the reports of the snow and cold weather in Britain. We're so used to it here in Canada that we have everything we need to deal with it - snow tires, snow plows, and lots of experience driving in snow. Having said all that, it's not pleasant.

I'm sending cyberhugs and warm thoughts.