Monday, 22 February 2010

Love hate relationship with computers


What a 24hrs I have had with problems on the website.
Yesterday an error message came up when the basket was clicked which was sorted pretty quickly once I found out and then this morning the checkout didn't work. I presume the checkout didn't work yesterday either. I wondered why things had gone quiet.
Apparently some malicious requests had been made on the site and it had tripped the security rule on the server. I suppose it is rather like your fuse box. I thought that all was well until another customer told be about the checkout this morning. Unfortunately I don’t know about these things until customers tell me, as the server doesn’t send me a warning. Computer systems are great until they fail ,don't you think?
Still my server was brilliant as they replied and corrected the security rule within thirty minutes of receiving my ticket. So all is well again and orders can be placed once again.
Don't you just hate hackers Gr..........!

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