Thursday, 4 February 2010

Back home early

I just thought I'd let you all know that I am back home. Unfortunately I didn't make the Newark fair. the fair at Lincolnshire showground was a success for us but the weather was dreadfully cold with night temperatures well below freezing. Even my electric toothbrush froze. I think I have caught a severe chill from standing out in this cold weather from 5am to 6pm each day. We packed the van up yesterday evening and I started shaking and aching all over and the headache I had had for the past two days just got worse. As we set off the snow arrived and we drove across country in a blizzard. By the time we reached my mothers house for the evening I couldn't stop shivering and the fever just escalated. SO we had to the make the decision to loose the £225 stall fee and head for home this morning as my health is more important.
Back home this morning I crawled into a hot bath and then into bed with a hot water bottle. After a couple of hours of sleep I am beginning to feel slightly better but still have a fever so will stay indoors for a while.
I will get orders packed up and my husband will post them tomorrow.
Thank you for your patience.

Just before I jump or rather crawl back into bed I'd just like to say that I bought lots of lovely fabric and beautiful items so will be listing them as soon as I feel better.

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