Thursday, 18 February 2010

All patched up on Friday

I can't believe it is Friday tomorrow. Where does the week go?
Apart from wrapping up numerous orders this week I've been attacking my stock room. Well you still have difficulty getting in it but I'm beginning to sort it out. Recently I managed to buy some lovely old drapers drawer boxes which are really large so I've been sorting out some more stock for the coming weeks. All the items that are on the website and go to fairs are numerically ordered so fortunately they don't need touching. It is all the boxes of haberdashery and embellishments that take up the space when they aren't sorted properly. Hopefully tomorrow will see a lovely neat and tidy stock room.
I'm going to be busy sorting out all of my boxes of ribbons tonight in front of the telly. One of my designers is looking for certain types so I'm just about to carry all the numerous boxes downstairs and start the hunt. I just love old ribbons so it will be a night of enjoyment.
Tomorrow I'm listing a few vintage patches from old quilts. This is the first of many in the coming weeks so keep a look out if that is what you like.
RAG RESCUE website tomorrow 7am GMT


Frances said...

Though I don't often leave a comment, I do want to let you know what fun it is to see what treasures you find.

I don't know of any such fabric, haberdashery detective on this side of the pond.


Raggy said...

Frances, sorry my reply to your comment has been delayed, I've been very busy this week.
I've never been called a fabric and haberdashery detective before, but I suppose I am.
Glad you like looking at all my treasures from the past.