Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Tomorrows listings of wonderful vintage fabric squares.

I've spent all day at the auction today. Unfortunately there wasn't any vintage fabrics or trims but I did manage to buy a huge amount of watercolours and oil paintings.
The sun has finally put its hat on and come out to play this afternoon. We had a horrendous journey through the lake district mountains this morning with torrential rain on the motorway. On returning home the clouds cleared and there was a wonderful blue sky over Morecambe Bay. I think all of the holiday makers from the Lake district had seen the skies over the bay and decided to head to our lovely town as we had to queue to get in, something unheard of mid-week.
I must say that Morecambe is no longer a run down seaside town. Millions have been spent on restoring the town and relaying beaches so the tourist now come pouring in each week.

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Maureen said...

Nice to hear what you say about your home town - the first and last time I was there I wasn't too impressed.