Thursday, 9 July 2009


iI know I normally put new listings on the website every other week but well, last week it was too hot and I just had to watch the tennis and... well that's my excuse. As this week is much cooler I've been really busy in my workshop. I managed to get two boxes of quilted pieces from a house clearance a couple of months ago. I think the lady and her forebears had been trying to quilt, patch and repair for many years as there wasn't one complete quilt. Instead I found lots of beautiful Victorian and 1920's fabric, patches and incomplete patchwork. So I've been having a great time this week sorting through it and cutting out the damaged pieces, and washing and ironing the fabric. Today I took well over 150 photographs and have just finished jpegging them all. Now all I have to do is start the measuring and listing on the website. I think I should be done ready to start listing next Monday with a bit of luck.
I took a few photo's to show you as a preview so in the next couple of days you will see them here on my blog - just to wet your appetite.
Todays photo shows some of the lovely patches that were either seperate in the box or I've managed to save from a worn out quilt. Large ones in the forefront of the photo and beautiful 1920's fabric ones behind.
And this is only the start I haven't even delved into the second box yet.

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