Saturday, 11 July 2009


In my frenzy yesterday and pain from my frozen right shoulder, I forgot to post more photographs giving you a sneak preview of what is being listed next week.
I've decided to start the new listings tomorrow - Sunday 12th July.
Although the sun is shining beautifully here in the north west and I am very tempted to go and dip my toes in the sea, I've decided to press on with the rest of the listings so that I can rest my shoulder next week from intensive typing.
There will be 9 days of listings possibly 10 if I can get some more card for my scrapbags in time.
These will be the only listings for July as I have to prepare for the fairs at the beginning of August and whilst I am away I have the plumbers coming in to fix a new central heating system and do some work on my shower room.
I will still be taking orders whilst I'm away at the fairs as I won't be closing the website, more info to come at the end of the month.
I will be posting a combined picture here every day before the listing as normal starting this evening.
If you too have beautiful sunshine today, go out and enjoy yourselves it may not last.

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