Sunday, 19 July 2009


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Tomorrow I am listing some more of those beautiful 1930's hexagonal patches. this time they are larger as I have included a number at a time. The shapes that you can see are due to the fact that I had to cut around damaged ones.. Wherever possible I have chosen large pieces which would look superb included in a patchwork of your own. the small pieces are wonderful shapes and would be delightful appliquéd on to bags or cushion fronts.

This is the last day of new listings until I return from the fairs at the beginning of August.
My lounge is like steptoe's room, just full of paintings and antique stock. My dining room table is cluttered with antiques ready to be cleaned and I don't want to mention the kitchen.
On top of all this work I have to clear rooms ready for the plumbers arrival after we leave in two weeks time. Well I won't be bored during the time running up to the fairs.
I forgot to mention that I also have to keep on top of my orders which are coming in fast and furious, perhaps I can get Ludo ( my dog) to help well, perhaps not.
Seriously though, I don't mind because it is a job I love and I can always spend an hour on the beach to refresh myself.

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ewa-christine said...

All your stuff, textile is beautiful.
It is lovley to look.....