Friday, 17 July 2009



Had a good day today as I got such a lot done. I've started sorting out the Rag Rescue items to take to the Swinderby and Newark Fair.

Talking of the fairs, there are two pieces of News. In October the Arthur Swallow fair which is usually held on the Swinderby airfield is moving to the Lincolnshire Showground. that means that we will no longer be in a marquee but a lovely new huge building. the second piece of news is that DMG have sold their fairs and it is now owned by IACF. I've no idea what is happening all very secretive. apart from the fact that aren't going to put our stall prices up until 2011. thank goodness for that as it is £225 for two days now. So big changes afoot I just hope they are for the better.

Before I forget 18 more vintage fabric squares are being added in the morning.

Sleep well.

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