Friday, 6 May 2011

Vintage fabrics at Rag Rescue

Just had to have six teeth out today and as they wouldn't stop bleeding I've now got 12 stitches, so feeling fed up really. Well actually a bit strange, I suppose it is all of anaesthetic and painkillers I've had in the last 6 hours.

Still couldn't miss listing this post and the newsletter will go out as usual tomorrow.

You all know where these vintage fabrics will be listed, but in case you don't click on the link


Mandy said...

Hope you feel better soon Sandie x

Alix said...

Ouch! You poor thing! I hope you feel much better today.

ted and bunny said...

oh "poor you" doesn't really cover it does it?
Big hug winging its way through the ether

don't believe this!! word verification is DENTIES!!!

Raggy said...

Thanks for all of your good wishes. Still not sleeping properly and face very swollen but getting there slowly. xx