Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Look at the vintage fabrics at Rag Rescue

Finally I have managed to get logged in to Blogger after trying all yesterday evening and all day today.
If you are still having problems with your blog this is how I did it.
I tried to comment on one of my own posts. Fortunately my password allowed me to get in. When I had written the post I went back to the page and everything was normal again.
How strange.
 So - this is what is being listed tomorrow, two pretty pieces of vintage fabric and two more scrappy parcels. All at the Rag Rescue website tomorrow

In case you didn't check the website today because I hadn't blogged here is what was listed today.
A couple of vintage brooches, a lovely hand embroidered bookmark and an antique tiny pincushion.

Don't forget Rag Rescue is on facebook and you can always leave your comments there as well.

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