Monday, 2 May 2011

Vintage fabric scrappy parcels and strip rolls at Rag Rescue tomorrow.

These vintage parcels get snapped up so very quickly, usually on the day I list them.

Would you like more more scrappy parcels listed on the site rather than scrapbags?
I'd like to start a discussion through comments on this post as it will help me help you to get what you really want in terms of vintage fabrics for your particular crafts.

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ted and bunny said...

whats the difference twixt scrappy parcels and scrapbags?

Raggy said...

Hi Elaine,
Basically, scrappy parcels have 20 smaller pieces of fabric and scrapbags have four larger pieces of fabric.

Here is a more complete description of each.
When I am cutting out vintage fabric pieces for the scrap bags and squares, I always have some good pieces left over. There is nothing wrong with these pieces but they are too small for the sizes I use. I have therefore decided to sell these as 'scrappy parcels'.

There are twenty pieces of vintage fabric in a scrappy parcel. They are all different shapes and sizes but at least one side is less than four inches.

Ideal for crazy patchwork,cards, journals,trade cards,postcards,memory pieces, buttons jewellery and any other crafts you can think for using small scraps of fabric.

A selection of four beautiful cotton English and/or French vintage fabric prints.
Each piece in these larger scrap bags measures approx. 18cms x 12 cms.
There are four different designs

These vintage fabric scrap bags are ideal for crazy quilting, applique work, card making, fabric postcards, ATC's, for use with the embellisher machine and all kinds of fiber art.

Hope that helps.

sam said...

Hi Sandie, I really love the scrappy parcels. Have bought both from you before, and both were great, but the variety in the scrappy parcels is what I like. Cheers,

Raggy said...

Hi Sam, Glad you like the variety in the scrappy parcels. I just can't make enough of them to keep up with demand. Thanks for your order this morning.