Thursday, 15 April 2010

Baby stops play.......

I had every intention of writing another post yesterday with a few more photographs of the items I bought at the fairs. As the title states I just couldn't get around to it. Unfortunately baby Oliver, 4 weeks old, my latest grandchild ill. On visiting my daughter yesterday I discovered that he had been vomiting after his feed, all day and night. I suggested the health visitor should be called and he then went to the doctors who sent him to hospital. The poor little mite had a racing heart beat and an uneven breathing pattern. I had to step in to look after Molly the 4 year old whilst mum was at the hospital. Fortunately they were able to bring him home later in the evening as he had kept a small feed down. On returning today with Molly I heard that he had still vomited during the night, so it is still a worry.
Any way I have been able to catch up with all of the orders today, so a big thank you for those customers who have been very patient.
Here are some more items that will be listed next week.

Vintage card boxes, mother of pearl thread winders and vintage fabric scrappy parcels.


pwl said...


I hope the little one is okay.

Rachel said...

Hope he gets well soon!

Raggy said...

Thank you pwl and Rachel for your kind wishes for baby Oliver. He is recovering slowly, so we are all keeping our fingers crossed.