Saturday, 24 April 2010

Vintage fabrics and Rag Rescue news

It has been rather a busy week here at Rag Rescue. I've managed to wash and iron a lot of the vintage fabrics I bought recently and get them listed for next week. I've also spent a day with my granddaughter Molly and together we made peanut butter cookies which she enjoyed sharing with all of her friends at the various playgroups and nursery group she attends.
It was also a rather sad week as although baby Oliver has got over the illness he had the previous week he is in the wars once again. My daughter had to take him for a hip scan only to discover that he has hip dysplasia and he is now in a body harness for seven weeks. On Thursday my daughter was ill so I went over for the day to help out and saw Oliver in his harness. Actually he has got used to it very quickly and doesn't seem distressed by it, I think his mum is more distressed by it than he is. I did discover how long it takes to change a nappy though, as the harness has to be removed at the bottom end. We had a great tug of war with the thin strapping when trying to attach it again as he kept stretching his legs out everytime I tried to get the poppers in. Hopefully this will enable the hip socket to develop correctly, apparently when caught at this early age the outlook is very good for a total recovery.
On the subject of children I have got a wonderful old childrens alarm clock going on the site next week.
It is the Tale of the Hare and the Tortoise.
The face is amazing. Each hour is marked as miles for the race, with little pictures in between, of animals and items found in the countryside. The hour hand is represented by a tortoise, slowly moving around and the  the minute hand by the hare.

The caption reads:-
The tortoise creeps round once, how slow!
Twelve times as fast the hare will go,
But watch the tortoise, watch the Hare,
At twelve o'clock you'll find them - where?
Isn't it great?

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