Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Website Spring cleaning day

More larger vintage fabrics tomorrow at

I've been a busy bee today. I've made a lot more vintage fabric scrapbags which I am calling
This is mainly because I woke up this morning early to hear the birds singing and I saw that the lambs had been released back into the fields. The vintage fabrics within the scrapbags are so pretty and I hope that they will cheer you all up after such a dreadful cold and dreary Winter. I've also prepared a large number of vintage fabric squares which I hope will  brighten you up also.
After doing all of this I decided that the website needed a Spring clean and set to to clear out over 350 items that had been sold last month.
I am feeling pretty pleased with myself today not only because of the work I've managed to get through but also because my daughter went to the hospital today to have another scan and was told that they are bringing her section forward from the 19th of this month to next Wednesday the 10th. So baby Oliver will soon be here. Molly his sister will be really pleased, nine months is a long time for a little 4 year old girl to wait. I must complete the mobile Molly and I have been making over the past few weeks. Just got a few more felt balls to make and put it all together. I'll show it on my 'Feltissimo' blog when completed.
What a joyous day.

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