Thursday, 11 March 2010

Last year's celebration of all things vintage and homemade is set to continue

What is taking the market by storm this year?

Interest in sewing, dressmaking and home decor continues to gain momentum.
Last year's celebration of all things vintage and homemade is set to continue, with traditional patterns, such as red and white checks, flowers and beach-style prints, very much in favour. 

Colour-wise, anything girly will be in vogue, with light pinks, yellows, blues, purples and white all in fashion. However, two-tone pieces will also be popular, particularly ones featuring similar colours in a range of different tones, such as pinks and oranges.

Animal prints are also going to be huge in 2010, with leopard, cow, tiger and zebra-inspired pieces set to be particularly popular over the next year. In terms of colours, black and white designs are definitely worth looking out for, as are fabrics in varying tones of orange and brown, including deep ambers and mahoganies with slightly red undertones.

Old-fashioned patterns will also be making a comeback, with polka dots, stripes and tartan-inspired fabrics boasting a very strong presence at the show. Black, pink and blue fabrics with large white polka dots will also be particularly popular, as will tartan-style pieces in deep purples, dark greys, orangey browns and navy.

Lady Gaga-inspired pieces are also going to be very much in favour, so anything bright pink, sequinned or shiny will be in huge demand, particularly beads, gems, embellishments and feathers in vibrant hues. Sequins will be huge in 2010, especially pink, red, black, gold and silver-coloured ones, as will boa-style feathers and Strictly Come Dancing-inspired designs.

(Taken from Craft Business)

So I'll be searching for vintage finds that are in trend this year.

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