Wednesday, 18 November 2009


Thursdays new items being listed on RAG RESCUE website.

Well the weather has not been kind to me, so clothed in waterproofs I ventured out at 7am and again at 1pm with Ludo. I actually enjoyed the long walks in the rain as the colour of the foliage left on the trees was so vibrant. Wonderful bright reds and orange.
I have got so much done whilst hubby has been away. The house has had an Autumnal clean and I've also managed to sort through all of the old stock boxes that were left from the previous fairs. Now all I have to do is to finish cleaning, labelling and packing the new antique stock. I can get down to my favourite pastime of sorting out the Rag Rescue stock and deciding what I'll take to the fairs. I've had a huge banner printed for Rag Rescue so all I have to do is work out where in the marquee I'll hang it and how.
I'm off to relax now and wait for the phone call asking me to drive to Lancaster station to pick up hubby. I'm hoping the lecture was a success and that he enjoyed himself in London, fingers crossed.

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