Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Lots of vintage buckles

Thursday 12th November
Well today started off pretty roughly. We arose at 5am to travel for  over an hour to an auction which was a totally waste of time and diesel. Nothing there for us at all, so back we got in the van and travelled for over another hour and returned home very tired. Still the scenery was spectacular as the low clouds were hanging in the valleys with just the mountain tops clear.We hit thick fog the higher up we went and it was a good job that the traffic was light on the motorway.
Still there is always another day and another auction to go to. We are picking up some lovely items tomorrow that we won on the live auction site yesterday so all is not lost.
I always panic at this time, a couple of weeks before the International fairs, thinking that we haven't got enough new stock but of course we always seem to find things at the last moment. So fingers crossed.

Why not use use vintage buckles and vintage fabric to adorn your Christmas presents this year.

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