Sunday, 1 November 2009


Another week of vintage fabrics at

Tomorrow Monday 2nd November begins with 10 lovely vintage fabric stash bags, each containing 20 pieces of fabric off-cuts plus some lovely larger pieces of French red toile fabric.

Sorry for not posting for the last couple of days but I've not been 100%. First of all was the visit to the physio and although he was a very dishy man who instilled lots of confidence in me he has suggested that I have 3 cortisone injections into the shoulder joint, plus acupuncture, which I asked for. I managed to heal my last frozen shoulder with just acupuncture and exercises but as this one is the dominant shoulder he thinks it would be more sensible to have the cortisone injections. I am very reluctant to use cortisone and am wavering now as to whether or not to have the injections.

The second thing to happen was that I got an abscess on one of my molars and after suffering all week I finally got an emergency appointment and the dentist took the tooth out, with a great deal of trouble I might add. I thought she was pulling the inside of my head out. Still it is healing now so I'm almost back to 100%.

Anyway, if you are after vintage fabric off-cuts to increase your stash or are looking for vintage fabric squares, you will find a large number being listed this week.


“The earth laughs in flowers.”

 E. E. Cummings

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